BugTrap for Win32 & .NET

BugTrap for Win32 & .NET 1.3

When an error takes place, BugTrap catches it, prompts a user to send bug report
1.3.3718 (See all)

IntelleSoft is concerned about all bugs - big and small, serious and trivial. This software is developed using numerous error preventive approaches, including safe programming, redundant data validation, self-recovery in critical code parts, etc.
Moreover, IntelleSoft is interested in tracking and fixing those errors that still have not been handled and might violate normal program execution. If you expect an error, you would rewrite the code to avoid a potential problem. But what would you do with unexpected errors? You just finished debugging your application, and it seems to be working as expected. You might think that your code is perfect (well, almost perfect) but user downloads your program and somehow it stops working. Usually it's especially difficult to find the reason of such errors because they are unpredictable by their nature. It's impossible to predict the sort of the problem and the piece of code that causes the problem. A lot of errors may occasionally happen on remote customer machine and at best developers may receive a screenshot of system error message. Indeed user cannot tell the developer what's wrong in program code!
Right in this case BugTrap comes to the play. Rather than making assumptions about possible errors or modifying program source code, BugTrap automatically substitutes system error handler and monitors any exceptions not handled in the program. As soon as any error takes place, BugTrap catches it and prompts a user to send bug report to the developer:

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